About Cedar Mesa Pottery

Don't be fooled by pottery that looks Native American. Cedar Mesa Pottery is different. It IS Native American Pottery. Each piece is handcrafted using modern techniques and signed by Navajo pottery artists. In addition, each piece comes with the exclusive Cedar Mesa Pottery Certificate of Authenticity or story card.

Helping to preserve Native American Heritage since 1981.

Our Artists

Our Native American Indian artists combine their natural artistic talents with the inspiration of their culture and breathtaking beauty of their homeland. Each of our artists sign each piece they create.

Each piece of Cedar Mesa Pottery reflects the creative genius of the artist. With over 60 product lines, Cedar Mesa Pottery has a large selection and variety of American Indian pottery and southwestern pottery.

In 2001 we merged our product line with our two former competitors to bring all this great artwork into one location.

All lines include such traditional native designs as the Wedding Vase, Wind Bell, Bear Figure, the Turtle Legend and Kokopelli
the humpbacked flute player.

Our Guarantee

  • Orders are guaranteed against breakage and normally
    ship in 2 or 3 days.
  • You will be notified if there is any delay expected.
  • If time is of the essence please call for availability.
    Please visit our store often to see the ever changing variety of
    shapes and designs as well as new product and special offers and
    special pieces from our Collector Gallery.


customer reviews

"We've been working with Cedar Mesa for about 15 years and they just keep getting better. The beautiful, colorful creations continually amaze me. This pottery deserves a place on your mantle or in your display case for others to also enjoy."

- Harvey Smith

Have loved their pottery and unique style for years. High quality and all hand painted.

- Jennifer Tate Rossum

The quality and value of the product received was much greater than expected.

- Lonnie Gary

We bought our ceremonial wedding vases from here and were completely delighted and satisfied with the product. If we ever need anything along this line again we will definitely come to Cedar Mesa Pottery first!

- Lisa Dixon

We loved our tour of Cedar Mesa Pottery. We wandered around and were able to talk to several of their employees. One of them, Victor, let my wife trim a piece he was working on. He made it look easy, but it was not. Very nice people.

- John Glade

Just wanted to let you know the pottery came in - Excellent packing.

Thanks for making the switch to the bear!

Will likely shop with you again.

- W. Magnan



Our beautiful pottery is the perfect addition to any home or office space. The hand painted works of art, add a historical touch to any room and are great conversation pieces.


Each item from our shop is hand painted, crafted, and etched by our incredibly talented Native American arts. These are not cheap reproductions, they are the real thing.


Because each piece of pottery is hand painted they are each unique. No one will have the exact same piece as you. Looking for something even more unique? Check out our collector pieces.


Indian Hand Painted Pottery
At Cedar Mesa Pottery, we specialize in unique, carefully hand crafted and Indian Hand Painted pottery that embodies our rich American heritage. This pottery comes from the high plateau country of the Southwest at the foot of Blue Mountain.

Our Southwestern Pottery Artists
The Native American Indian artists, who sign each piece, cotmbine their natural artistic talents with the inspiration of their culture and breathtaking beauty of their homeland.
We give our artists a free hand and encourage them to use their inherent talent. Each piece of Cedar Mesa pottery thus reflects the creative genius of the artist.


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